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EMO Hannover 2019 part-time recruitment

发表于 9.8.2019 10:17:12 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
薪金: 欧元
城市: Hannover
Hi Sir / Madam,
' Y* d. A! _* ]0 u' N( L& N6 R! J
% J3 `$ L" I6 e- K" c
+ e$ o7 ^6 P. w' V4 n% D) E, V/ v
/ l2 q( e+ v  a( ]6 v# g7 D3 o6 EThis is recruitment letter from Taiwan S&J Corporation. We will be attending EMO Hannover 2019 EXHIBITION from 16th September to 21st September in Hannover
# [8 b) j! g+ Y; i# a: Q' \2 u/ K! P* v

: v, \& t& X9 Z+ c( j8 S/ [  L
Now we are looking for temporary employees for the upcoming EMO Hannover 2019 EXHIBITION. If you have any students who interesting in this job or can recommendation to us, please kindly let us know.
+ H: v; h6 x# W- q2 U* [" w1 s/ [; z
. ^2 v7 o2 U9 j7 i; TExhibition Name: EMO Hannover 2019
# Y7 y- j0 J0 p. P/ ZExhibition/Work Dates: September 16 to 219 S2 e3 O  D2 E( |' D2 \/ x
Working Hours: 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday
3 n2 I6 @9 O8 n- E* AJob description:
" t( q# f1 c- ~+ h, V, p. To help the visitors of S&J at the booth to fill out questionnaires
1 g1 y$ b% z9 q, E0 O0 Y. To distribute the flier of S&J to the visitors and exhibitors
, ~$ {9 {  b0 p1 ?. M0 J6 d. To collect catalogues and flyers from exhibitors
% ~4 _/ e. }3 A6 UFirst Meeting: Recruited employees must join a pre-show meeting at 10:00 am,15 September for job briefing, booth preparation and collection of badges etc.
$ I8 @( Q- @0 n6 i  U! l. U( X                         Please come to meet us in Hall 17, Booth E20 – S&J Corp booth. ) _& _4 F. t& x8 K/ x5 k, W
Salary: Euro 140 / per day (will be paid on Sep 21)
! Y( |) P; x% z: X6 s3 w/ R0 x& l, t! H& r1 {( M

  }6 X& B! j$ X/ ?' qIf you’re interested in this job vacancy, please contact us immediately by sending your personal information (CV with photo) to alicechen@machinetools.net.tw., ~5 J0 q1 K+ D3 F
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